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4. Motivational Speech: To succeed, you must believe that you can succeed... not just think it! In this super speech you tell your listeners how they can succeed.

Preview - The Real McCoy Comments:

Years ago, when I was the Human Resource manager in a multi-national company, we hit a bad patch in the economy and business began to fall off at an alarming rate.

So senior management organized a series of staff meetings to try and boost staff morale and tell everyone to 'hold steady' - because things were not quite as bad as they perceived them to be.

These were motivational meetings, full of encouraging words and optimistic forecasts. And, at the end of the meetings, the board of management were very pleased with what they had achieved. They believed that they had got employees to 'think' more positively.

The 'BIG PICTURE' message of the meetings was: To succeed we are going to have to work together as a perfectly balanced team. This means not throwing our weight around and scoring points off each other.

We must steadfastly keep our focus on getting over the current problems... getting safely to the other side... coming out on top.

This is a motivational speech about getting people to work together and 'believe they can succeed' ... not just 'think it'. We can do it!

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